Mount Rainier N-Scale
N-Trak Modular Model Railroad
The Railroad
Our model railroad is built to N-Trak standards, including the optional mountain line (the elevated track at the rear of the modules).   Each module is primarily the work of an individual member, but most of the backdrops were painted by Diane Powell.  The modular nature of our railroad allows us to easily vary its configuration to suit different locations, and to quickly set it up or take it down and load it into our trailer.
The layout may be set up in one of two general forms;  a continuous circuit, enclosing an open area inside for the operators, with four independent routes, or as a "dogbone" with return loops at each end.  We use the latter form when we wish to set up a smaller layout.  Where space allows, the circuit configuration usually includes the Ballard Wye and Hazelton Yard.  This allows us to stage trains in the operator area and send them out onto the layout.
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